6 Holiday Party Looks (you probably didn’t think of)


’tis the season for our iCals to be filled with festive drinks here, holiday dinners there, and a couple of last-minute guests in between. For all these occasion you’ll need a few outfit ideas to tuck in your back pocket so that when these occasions arise, you can spend less time thinking “What am I going to wear?” and more time looking forward to the food and fun to be had.

This year, we’d like to make some suggestions you probably didn’t think of because well, we’re bored! We’re bored of the uninspired sequins, the predictable reds and boring blacks. It’s time for something new, fresh, and completely unexpected.

So here we go… 6 Holiday Party Looks that go beyond the norm!

1. Bohemian Belle


We see many women opt for classic cocktail dress during this time of year but with all stunning bohemian-inspired maxi dresses available , why not try something different? Although we think red is an overdone Christmas colour, this look was just too striking not to share. If you insist on red, go for a monochromatic look!

2. Red’s Pretty Cousin


Green is one of those colours that toooo many people veer away from, and for no good reason! Deep, jewel-tone greens make an elegant statement during the holidays without being loud the way x-mas red tends to be.

3. Jumping for Joy


Instead of an LBD try an LBJ! With the right accessories & amazing heels, this look can take you to just about any occasion over the holidays.

4. Festive Florals

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Here we have another example of how lovely green can look this time of year (especially in fur!) but what we really want to talk about is the floral print! In the past, florals have been considered a Spring/Summer print but now with the 60s & 70s heavily influencing current collections + all the Bohemian inspiration, florals are totes acceptable all year round.

5. Winter White


Ok so obvi the sneakers would have to go in place of some killer pumps… but you get the idea. White is not just for brides & summertime. As long as the material is heavy enough and the cut is appropriate for the weather, we say wear white! You’ll probably be the only one at the party who thought of it and they’ll all be jealous ;)

6. Butterfly Babe


If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll appreciate this suggestion! Though the butterfly is not typically considered a Christmas creature, it sure beats wearing a reindeer-print sweater, right?! From high fashion to high street, there are plenty of butterfly pieces to choose from that would work well with opaque tights & festive accessories.