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You might know her better by her blog name Trendencies, but this top SK user has a lot of great fashion wisdom to share.

How would you describe your personal style?

That’s a hard question to answer because I don’t usually follow any rules. My style is pretty eclectic and always depends on my mood. Sometimes I’ll wear something really comfy and casual and sometimes I’ll go for a more elegant and girly look. I like to call myself a “coolhunter” because I like discovering new trends and playing with them in my outfits. I believe fashion is made to have fun and play with your own style.

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

My main source of inspiration when it comes to fashion is the blogsphere. I check out my favorite streetstyle blogs almost every single day. I also find fashion inspiration in magazines, films, TV series… You can also catch some really good inspiration when you’re walking on the street paying attention to what people are wearing.


Where are you from originally? Has your hometown influenced your personal style?

I’m from Madrid, but I don’t live in the city centre. I think my hometown has influenced my style a bit because my friends and I have always been into fashion. We used to follow every single trend no matter how ugly and tacky it was. We’ve gone through all the styles and experimented with fashion. I think that experience made me learn what I know now about fashion, what looks good on me and what I enjoy wearing.

For the bloggers out there – what´s the easiest way to improve your blog and make your content more engaging?

First of all, you need to offer something different to the world. Follow your own style, your own rules and be creative. People wants to see something different, risky combinations and a unique sense of style.

I’ve noticed people demand quality photos and that’s a really important thing in the fashion bloggers industry. A fashion blog is something very visual and a good shot says everything. Pay attention to the lighting, the background, choose a good scenario to shoot the outfits and share both detail and full body photographs.

Writing a nice story that goes with those shots is another great way to improve your content. Share your stories, your opinions, your experiencies. People want to know what you have to say and get to know better the person that’s behind the blog.

Something in your wardrobe that you’ll keep forever?

My Chanel flap bag. Some people call it 2.55 but it’s actual name is flap bag. It’s my most precious treasure in my closet and I know I will keep it forever. I like to think it will be a great gift for my granddaughter in the future.



“You need to offer something different to the world. Follow your own style, your own rules and be creative.”

What is your favorite fashion magazine? 

Vogue. I buy it every single month and I always try to take a look to different covers from all around the world. What I like the most about Vogue magazine is the amazing photography. The editorials are great and I find it really inspiring.

Someone whose style you admire?

Chiara Ferragni. I’m obsessed with her style because she’s daring, creative, and really cool. She knows how to pull every single trend and she was one of the reasons I created Trendencies. I used to check out her blog every single day and she inspired me to start my own.

Do you have any fashion rules you abide by or do you go with whatever feels right?

I don’t believe in rules when it comes to fashion and I always keep in mind the words “never say never.” I can’t say I’ll never wear this because you don’t know if it will be a big trend in a few years and you’ll end up following it.

I also believe fashion was made to have fun. I don’t care if people like my outfit or not because everything is OK if I feel confident wearing it. I don’t care about people judging me when I wear something that’s quite different or risky because if I like it,  I’ll wear it. It is as simple as that.

5 things that are on your wish list right now?

To be honest, the spring is about to arrive and all I think about is flowy dresses and thin pieces.

Something that has been on my wish list for a long time now is a pair of fringed jeans.

I’ve also been eyeing a pair of knee high sandals because they look stunning on.

I’m very into bomber jackets at the moment so I’d like to have one in some kind of pastel tone to rock during this spring season.

If I can dream I;d also love to have the Gucci Dionysus bag and the Chloé Faye bag, two of my current favorite accessories.

What is your favorite online store?

I do a lot of online shopping and my favorite site of all time is ASOS. They have some really cool stuff there and I always find a bargain in their sales or outlet. I love the ASOS brand but the good thing about this site is that you can find a lot of different cool brands on just one platform.

If you were a shoe, what would you be?

I’d be a pair of Stella McCartney platform shoes. I´m a 90s girl and platforms are just my thing. I grew up with the Spice Girls and that might have influenced my love for platforms. Platform sandals, platform brogues, platform sneakers, anything that has a big and chunky platform suits my style.


If you could trade closets with anyone, whose would it be?

Of course, with my style icon Chiarra Ferragni. She has such cool designer pieces that I wish I could wear every single day. Alexander Wang, Vintage Chanel, Gucci… Her closet is like my dream closet. I’d also trade closets with Gala González because she has such a great taste when it comes to fashion. Her clothes are stunning!

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now for fashion inspiration, where would it be?

New York. Everytime I think about fashion inspiration I think about the Big Apple. New York is a great place to catch different inspirations because it’s a city with a lot of variety and creativity. However, Europe has the biggest fashion industry so I think Paris, Milan or London would be also great places to go to if you’re looking for fashion inspiration.

Do you have a secret style tip you could share?

My favorite style tip and one I try to keep in mind every time I create a look is to balance the outfit. If you’re wearing something tight for the top part don’t pair it with a tight bottom but with a slouchier one. On the other side, if you´re wearing a baggy sweater, for example, don’t style it with a pair of baggy pants because that won’t create a nice body shape. Pair it with something tighter like some skinny jeans instead. For the rest, just have fun with fashion and wear whatever makes you feel happy and confident. That’s all that matters!

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Images: Claudia Villaneuva, Pinterest